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You are going to love how Diamond Vibe cabinetry fits into your new room plans.  Pick from today's freshest finishes and door styles.  Explore logical organization solutions that place everyday essentials readily within reach and easily within your means.  Vibe offers you more ways to take ownership of the entire remodeling process.  A sturdy box made stunningly beautiful, for starters.  And having Discount Cabinet Corner's design experts at your side, at every step.  Not to mention, the backing of the industry's largest family of cabinetry brands.

Discount Cabinet Corner is proud to honor CNC's quality of their cabinets, which include their stalwart construction and solid hardware.  All of the woods are carefully selected, but the nature of the wood utilized does not lend itself to certification, as it is derived from trees that originate from different parts of the world.  The spontaneous and natural characteristics of the wood are the main components of its beauty, as the grain of the wood is affected by the climate of its origin.

TSG Cabinets feature wood construction, superior hardware, and durable paints and finishes.  The cabinetry is carefully desined to make sure your kitchen stands out.  In addition to independently tested air emissions, TSG offers products with waterborne UV finishes furnished by Sherwin-Williams.