Hardwood Flooring in NJ

It is easy to get lost during your search for the perfect hardwood floor as there are so many different varieties and terms to understand. With your options ranging from reclaimed hickory to pre-finished mahogany, your head is most likely spinning from a task that you once thought would be as simple as picking a shade you like.

When looking for advice on hardwood flooring in NJ, stop by our showroom and talk with one of our professionals. We will help you find the perfect cut of wood to fit your home's unique needs. Our staff will explain the various perks and disadvantages of each species and finish to help make your decision as easy as possible. After hearing the ups and downs of each wood—such as their hardness and grain, we can show you similar options from the bestselling brands we carry like Chesapeake, Mullican, and Shaw.

The rise of hardwood flooring in NJ has brought with it a need for companies to push their technologies further than before to help separate themselves from their competition and remain at the forefront of the industry. Among the innovations, there are lines that allow heat to easily transfer to the surface from radiant heating systems underneath. Others are designed to have no impact on the air quality of your home for those with sensitive allergies. Kraus has developed the Stable-Guard Core technology, which protects the wood's aesthetics from scratches and stains, as well as adding to its structural integrity.

If you decide that hardwood may not be the best fit, we also have one of the widest selections of luxury vinyl tile flooring in South Jersey, which provides the appearance of wood and durability of vinyl. No matter which you choose, you are sure to find the material you have been looking for at Discount Cabinet Corner, home to one of the largest selections of flooring among tile stores in South Jersey.

To help you through the difficult remodeling, we can provide you with a variety of services. To start the process, you can meet with our interior design consultants and have your house measured by our professionals. Once you are ready to install the hardwood flooring in your NJ home, we can have our experts seamlessly install your new floor.

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Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Rich and inviting, hardwood makes a distinctive statement. Because of a great range of natural variations—from boards with extreme character, graining, and color variation to those that are evenly colored and consistent—lustrous hardwood can create a uniquely beautiful floor. Your kind of floor. Warm, stylish, and original.


Care & Maintenance

To protect your lustrous hardwood floor and preserve its gleaming beauty, there are a few things you need to do. But each step of recommended maintenance—from using the right cleaning techniques to placing protective pads under furniture—is simple, and we’ll guide you.