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A set of carefully selected door designs to bring out personal style in any custom-designed kitchen.

RiverRun Parkview

Parkview is RiverRun’s newest addition, now available in Cocoa, RiverRock and Smoke. We are going back to basics and offering a true shaker door style with flat center panels and slab drawer fronts.

riverrun parkview

Stain Options

RiverRun Jefferson

RiverRun’s newest door style not only features a new door profile, but also a new wood to the RiverRun family – Red Oak!

Now available in the following stains: Smoke, Cocoa and RiverRock and the following paints: Blue Lagoon, Onyx and White.

riverrun jefferson

Jefferson Stain Options

Jefferson Paint Color Options

RiverRun Cambridge Blue Lagoon

Cambridge is RiverRun’s most popular door style with beautiful paint options on the timeless shaker door and five-piece drawer front. The simple lines provide a rich playground in which to explore colors and color combinations which make this style a designer favorite.

Cambridge Blue Lagoon is a striking blue hue that will fool you with its deep rich quality. This blue has hints of teal and a smidge of a slate blue to give you a timeless deep blue to add to your next project.

riverrun cambridge blue lagoon

RiverRun Cambridge Linen

Cambridge Linen is a slightly off-white cabinet that is a beautiful alternative to brightening a room other than Cambridge White. Brightness with a hint of softness.

riverrun cambridge linen

RiverRun Cambridge Mint

Cambridge Mint is a very light pale misty green. It also happens to be AkzoNobel’s 2020 color of the year (aka Tranquil Dawn).

riverrun cambridge mint

RiverRun Cambridge Onyx

Cambridge Onyx leaves us speechless as there is not much more to say other than a beautiful, elevated, rich black. We are excited about this dark cabinet that will pop with gold or copper hardware if you choose.

riverrun cambridge onyx

RiverRun Cambridge Pewter

The beauty in a mid-tone color is in its ease. It blends well with most elements allowing for pops of color to play along. It provides a fresh clean look even when your life gets busy or cluttered. A comfortable trending color and style, Cambridge Pewter will inspire for years to come.

riverrun cambridge pewter

RiverRun Cambridge Sage

Cambridge Sage is a lovely alternative to our neutral Cambridge Pewter. If you are looking for a slightly darker mid-tone color that is flexible and can play along with others, Sage is worth considering.

riverrun cambridge sage

RiverRun Cambridge White

Clean and light, the Cambridge White welcomes you to take a deep breath and embrace the brightness and simplicity that acts as a functional and on-trend blank canvas waiting for you to add your personal touch.

riverrun cambridge white

RiverRun Dalton Cocoa

Enjoy the simple pleasures, laugh, entertain friends, and gather the family. Focus on what really matters. There is rhythm and purpose to your work and play. Dalton Cocoa cabinetry reflects the detailed attention you pay to friends, family, and all of life’s everyday events. Versatile and contemporary, reflecting clean lines and focused ideals.

riverrun dalton cocoa

RiverRun Dalton Gray

The cloudy days never last long, but our Dalton Gray will. This cheerful and modern style complements everything from weeknight homework to weekend dinner parties.

riverrun dalton gray

RiverRun Dalton Natural

Dalton’s rich stain choices allow hints of the wood graining and color to show through and works beautifully on its own or pairs well with other styles to complement any kitchen design.

riverrun dalton natural

RiverRun Hampton Linen Glazed

With its French Country charm, Hampton Linen Glazed style brings peace and calm. Whether it is an early morning cup of coffee, a cookie baking party, or cooking up a culinary masterpiece with a glass of wine in hand.

riverrun hampton linen glazed

RiverRun Lenox Chestnut

The warmth and richness of the Lenox Chestnut style invite you home with its traditional layers and details leaving you hungry for holiday meals and the comfort of family.

riverrun lenox chestnut