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Discount Cabinet Corner is proud to honor CNC's quality of their cabinets, which include their stalwart construction and solid hardware.  All of the woods are carefully selected, but the nature of the wood utilized does not lend itself to certification, as it is derived from trees that originate from different parts of the world.  The spontaneous and natural characteristics of the wood are the main components of its beauty, as the grain of the wood is affected by the climate of its origin.

Each species has its own natural look of unique splendor, and mineral streaks and open or closed grains can all differ even within the same tree.  When aiming for a modern look, the grain of the wood is suppressed.  For a more traditional look, special techniques are used to highlight the grain of the wood and reveal its exquisiteness.  Variations from cabinet to cabinet or door to door are not considered defects, merely the result of nature's handiwork, creating objects of truly intricate beauty.

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