Alvic Frameless Cabinetry

ALVIC Frameless Cabinetry

Alvic doors come standard with many exclusive features :

  • Comes standard with Blum Hinges
  • High scratch resistance
  • High stain resistance
  • High gloss
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long durability
  • Anti-bacterial treatment
  • Color stability
  • Eco-friendly

Below are the three styles of frameless beauty that ALVIC by CNC Cabinetry offers... available at Discount Cabinet Corner!


alvic luxe room shot

Alvic's Luxe collection is a technologically advanced product that results in an attractive high gloss finish decorative panel that also offers excellent physical and mechanical performance.

These lacquered surface components have the highest scratch resistance in the industry and a clean, spotless mirror effect with their high gloss design. The surface quality, brightness, and stability against UV light make the Luxe product line well suited for the manufacturing of all types of furniture.

Highly versatile, the Luxe collection incorporates an appealing range of solid colors, wood grains, textiles, metallics and special designs.



alvic zenit room shot

Beauty is not always delicate. Meet the toughest matte design boards. In contrast to our lacquered panels, Zenit offers a deep, super matte-finished panel with a silky soft feel and excellent resistance to abrasion. It is recommended for use in the manufacture of all kinds of furniture and decorative products.

The Zenit collection comes in a complete range of solid colors, with or without metallic particles (Supermatt or MetalDeco), and elegant designs such as the marbles. These designs provide a more subtle, yet sleek look for modern kitchen, bath, and home furniture applications as well as in interior design and commercial projects.



alvic synchron room shot

Our Syncron Structured Panel Lines showcases textured panels with a diverse and encompassing range of realistic and highly sought-after decorative designs. Through our exclusive manufacturing process, we are able to control every aspect of thermofused melamine board production to produce a complete match between texture and design.

From wood grain, concrete, and leather, to marble, oxidized steel, textiles, and more, these finished boards complement other Alvic product lines or provide their own standout design. Syncron provides a natural and organic feel to cabinet panels, surface components, furniture elements, and beyond.