Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in South Jersey

At Discount Cabinet Corner, a leading name among tile stores in South Jersey, we carry a wide selection styles and colors from all of the top brands from the industry, such as Mannington and Shaw. Thanks to technological advancements, companies can now offer tiling that looks like a fine cut of wood with the durability of vinyl. With its lasting aesthetic appeal, it is easy to see why many are switching to luxury vinyl tile flooring in South Jersey.
When considering kitchen remodeling in your NJ home, finding a floor that can handle spills and a large amount of traffic is one of the first decisions you need to make. Vinyl floors have become a viable flooring option now that many companies are offering water and stain resistant lines.
When looking for an alternative to hardwood flooring in NJ, consider luxury vinyl from Mannington. Their NatureForm4G technology uses advanced printing and texturing equipment to create realistic and highly detailed prints that replicate the natural characteristics of wood or stone. Picking a floor from Mannington is as simple as choosing a pattern, color, and performance level.
Proving the lasting quality of the luxury vinyl tile flooring in our South Jersey showroom, most have warranties that cover the floor for multiple decades. The brand Kraus protects their flooring options below, in, and above their tiles. Underneath the vinyl, they lay their FiberCore technology, which adds flexibility and strength to the tiling. They can also add their "dBcover CV" material below the floor to suppress sound, smooth out minor imperfections on the base of the floor, and add comfort and warmth to the floor. In the finish of the flooring, they mix in microscopic ceramic beads to prevent premature deterioration. To complete the protective quality of the vinyl, they also apply a waterproof top layer that makes it easy to wipe away any mess.
Now that the technology behind the materials can provide a realistic, durable, and comfortable surface, luxury vinyl tile flooring in South Jersey homes is on the rise. Not only will the material hold up much longer than natural materials, but it also is significantly cheaper. To see our collection of luxury vinyl options, stop by our showroom and experience them firsthand.



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